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Building a safety net and connecting resources for survivors escaping violence

Our Core values

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Safety and Stability

To provide immediate safety options to domestic violence survivors who have been turned away from their local shelter and placed on a wait list.

Resource management

To pull together the numerous resources in the community into one centralized repository in an easily accessible format for survivors to use.

Confidence Building

To provide tools and technology to help domestic violence survivors rebuild their self confidence as they rebuild their new lives.

self sufficiency and independence

To provide the proper support to survivors on their path to self sufficiency.

domestic violence victims are becoming displaced and homeless after leaving their violent homes.

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What happens to a victim when they are turned away from their local shelter?

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What supporters say...

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Until Courtney Santana crossed my path and spoke life into me and helped me find my voice, I was stuck. She was able to give me the safe place emotionally where I could identify things that I had subconsciously buried, empowered me to finally face them and she helped me heal past them by giving me opportunities to speak about what happened to me. I consider my Survive2Thrive experience as a vital chapter of my ongoing mental health and wellness journey.

Tisha Christopher

Overcoming Domestic Violence isn’t just about getting out; it’s about learning to live again. As you pick up the pieces of your fractured life, you have to rediscover who you are and what you are passionate about. The tools for lasting change lie within each of us but often times we need a little help finding them and that is where Survive2Thrive Foundation comes in. S2T will help empower you to move from being a survivor to a person who is really thriving and getting the most out of life.

Jillian Roberts

Empowerment rebuilds broken souls. We move from defeated victims to mighty survivors. We are warriors who have broken through a silenced voice. We step into freedom, finding a life full of hope and vibrancy. Survive2Thrive has provided opportunity of rebuilt faith.

Lindy Fowler

I am a survivor of rape and domestic violence and am on the path of no longer considering myself to be solely a survivor but also a ‘thriver’. In this role I hope to empower and encourage other women who have experienced the same circumstances through Survive2Thrive. Women who have found the courage to leave their abusers are extremely vulnerable and filled with guilt and self-doubt. It is devastating if they have no support and a safe place to go while they put their lives and often the lives of their children back together. The support and services provided by Survive2Thrive are essential, life changing and often life saving. Domestic violence and sexual abuse is a huge problem and often seems overwhelming but everyone can make a difference each in his or her own way. In the words of Mother Teresa, “We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.” Join us as we reach out and touch the lives of families at a critical time when this help, guidance and support means the most.

Deborah Hamilton-Lynne

I have witnessed unfortunate but lovely people who are not empowered to achieve the necessary goals to move on to the next level of well-being due to their own inner demons or the demonizing from others. It’s heartbreaking. What’s needed to truly help in these cases is not just a hand out, but a hand up; not just security, but a sense of self worth; not just compassion, but empowerment. This is what Survive2Thrive is all about; that and being a single, central portal of information and counseling for all victims of abuse, whether it be physical, emotional, or psychological.

Dwight Adair

Over 42% of those victims who escape to their local shelters in the state of Texas, will be TURNED AWAY due to shelter overcrowding. Nationally, every day nearly 12,000 victims can be turned away and this is the community we serve. We have served nearly 5,200 survivors since 2006.

What's Happening Now!

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New partnership in the works with FindHelp

Survive2Thrive is partnering with FindHelp, another phenomenal Austin company, to provide access to resources to victims of domestic violence.  Phase One of the partnership is the Simple Search Box Link…
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What Would You Grab?

Survive2Thrive will be starting a survivor basket drive in October called “What would you grab?” Survivors of domestic violence must leave most of their personal belongings when they leave their homes…

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