Our Leadership

The Survive2Thrive Foundation has an extraordinary working board, each serving to build a strong sustainable organization!

The standard operating principles of our three governing boards are:

  • Collective Purpose and Clarity
  • Defined Structure
  • Effective and Free Flowing Communication for Team and All Standing Boards
  • Reliability and Accountability for ALL
  • Consistency in Process and Thought throughout The Survive2Thrive Foundation Messaging and Mission

The Survive2Thrive Executive Team

  • Courtney Santana, Founder/CEO
  • Gary Santana, CTO
  • Bryan Riester, Director, Software Development
  • Rikki Conner, Director, Operations
  • Laura Hunsinger, Director, Advocacy
  • Jeremy Brown, Director, Creative Arts and Special Projects
  • Stephanie Gabler, Director, Career Readiness
  • Kendall Ramirez, Executive Coordinator