Our Leadership

The Survive2Thrive Foundation has an extraordinary working board, each serving to build a strong sustainable organization!

The standard operating principles of our three governing boards are:

  • Collective Purpose and Clarity
  • Defined Structure
  • Effective and Free Flowing Communication for Team and All Standing Boards
  • Reliability and Accountability for ALL
  • Consistency in Process and Thought throughout The Survive2Thrive Foundation Messaging and Mission

The Survive2Thrive Executive Team

  • Courtney Santana, Founder/CEO
  • Gary Santana, CTO
  • John Fleming, Director, Partners and Strategic Alliances
  • Rikki Conner, Director, Operations
  • Laura Hunsinger, Director, Advocacy
  • Jeremy Brown, Director, Creative Arts and Special Projects
  • Stephanie Gabler, Director, Career Readiness
  • Kendall Ramirez, Executive Coordinator
  • Sarah Summers, Marketing Intern

The Survive2Thrive Board of Directors

  • F Michael Valocchi, Global Leader, IBM GBS Client Strategy, Board Chair
  • Heather Baumli, VP Strategic, Partnerships at iHeartMedia
  • Ashley Jennings, Co-Owner, Chief Storytelling Officer, Spero Labs
  • Octavious Bishop, Adjunct Professor of Psychology at Austin Community College
  • Wendy Howell, Chief of Staff, Managing Director, Girls In Tech, Cisco
  • Maize Hamilton, Human Resources, The State of Texas
  • Sareta Davis, US Trust, Bank of America

The Survive2Thrive Board of Advisors

  • Heather Wagner Reed, Juice Consulting
  • Donald L.Collier, III Esq.
  • Pastor Eric Moore, Summit Worship Center
  • Courtney K. Bailey, Project Manager, Community Impact Strategy & Partnerships
  • Racine Lowery, CGCIO, Certified Government CIO, CyberSecurity Advocate
  • Dan Leal, The Seedling Foundation
  • Rose Luna, Texas Association Against Sexual Assault (TAASA)
  • Mia Johns, Former Executive Director, Dress for Success

The Survive2Thrive Survivor Board

Survive2Thrive has a board comprised completely of survivors. This ensures the programming will meet the needs of survivors because the programming was created and developed by survivors.

  • Tisha Christopher
  • Lindy Fowler
  • Holly Hayes
  • Ashanti Nwaka