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SANCTUARY Gardens is Here!

The next step for a survivor in our continuum of care is the new SANCTUARY Gardens empowerment and recovery center for survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking

Program participants in SANCTUARY Gardens are former recipients of the SANCTUARY Hotel Safety Net, needing additional assistance as they transition into a self-sustainable housing solution. SANCTUARY Gardens is the first of three empowerment and recovery centers to open in the Austin/Travis County Area.

The program participants while living in the home, will receive access to the Seed A Survivor Sustainability Program. 

Seed A Survivor is a 90 day immersion program, where the tools and resources a survivor would need to rebuild their lives and reestablish themselves will come to them, like a gardener goes to the garden to tend and nurture it. 

The vision…program participants will take full advantage of these tools and resources and grow personally and mentally, to become self-sustainable over time.

The goals of the Seed A Survivor Sustainability Program:

  • Establishment of rental history and permanent housing
  • Workforce development and career readiness
  • Financial Literacy and banking assets
  • Establishment of mental health routine
  • Exposure to wellness and healthy living habits through self-care, music, and the arts

To qualify for SANCTUARY Gardens, a program participant:

  • Must have been a victim of domestic violence during 2019 or 2020. 
  • Must have been adversely affected by COVID-19 through loss of job, income, or housing.
  • Must not be receiving unemployment and working.
  • Did not receive or is underserved by the federal stimulus funding (stimulus covered less than 25% of the monthly household budget).
  • Cannot be claimed as a dependent by anyone in 2019.
  • Must make less $25,520 (if single) and 51,040 (for a family with dependents) a year.

The Survive2Thrive Foundation’s Seed A Survivor (SAS) program assists survivors working to rebuild their lives through a financial stabilization grant, job skills training, on the job internships, financial literacy, job readiness, and entrepreneurial coaching.

Program partners:

  • Survive2Thrive Foundation (S2T)
  • Texas Workforce Commission (TWC)
  • Austin Urban Technology Movement (AUTM)
  • Crary Counseling
  • Start Here. Get Here. Education Program in partnership with ACC
  • Springboard Career Counseling and Coaching
  • UFCU PlanU Program
  • IDT Identity Theft Solutions
  • Dress For Success
  • Texas Advocacy Project
  • Music is Healing Program
  • Drumfit Therapeutic Fitness
  • CommunityCare (PENDING)

Services victims will receive:

  • Case management
  • Access to partner organizations and their resources
  • Mental and physical health assessments through our certified partners
  • Exit strategy and strategic life planning
  • Legal services
  • Counseling – individual and group
  • Essential needs provision (food access, toiletries and clothing)[G1] 
  • Technology – a laptop and a phone
  • Housing location and placement[G2]  service
  • Employment assistance and career counseling
  • Financial literacy program and free identity theft sessions
  • Access to wellness and self-care activities
  • GED classes and college bound resources
  • Live music and theater features
  • Career counseling and personal styling sessions
  • Exit planning and moving resources

Seed A Survivor (SAS) success metrics

  • Macro metrics
    • Sustained long term self sufficiency
    • Stability leading to a better quality of life
    • Potential of career advancement
    • Entrepreneurial opportunities
    • Improved mental health
    • Improved confidence
  • Micro metrics
    • Permanent, sustained housing with 6-9 months
    • Training in a livable wage position within 9 months
    • Onsite job internships for a year
    • Access to good rental history and improved credit
    • Improved job skills and resume
    • Access to continuing education 

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