S2T Programs and Campaigns

1,000 Nights of Safety Victim Escape Fund

1,000 Nights of Safety is an annual giving program to fund the SANCTUARY App/WebApp Program and to bring awareness to the growing victim homelessness issue.  Our giving goal is $150,000 annually to fund our housing and transportation grants. 1,000 Nights of Safety not only provides life resources when these families need them the most, but also reassures them, they made the right decision to end the legacy of violence and abuse for themselves, their children, and future generations.

For $150 a night, the SANCTUARY Program can provide each escaping family, a one night’s stay in one of our secured hotel partners. SANCTUARY also provides groceries, clothing, and toiletries.  Victims are also given advocate support to build a strategic plan for their “next steps” as they begin their new lives without violence during their stay.  Stays are between 3 days and can be up to two weeks, depending on the level of complexity of the victim’s situation.

If you would like to give to the endowment that pays for these rooms, please donate! Every night save a life!


The Seed a Survivor Program – Self Sufficiency Support and Growth Program for Survivors

The Survive2Thrive Foundation’s Seed A Survivor program assists survivors working to rebuild their lives through a financial grant, financial literacy training, job readiness, and entrepreneurial coaching.

When a victim leaves a violent home, the upfront costs can be astronomical and can discourage a victim so much so, they may return to violence because they financially cannot afford to live on their own.  Once a victim leaves, they face moving costs, re-letting fees, the task of finding and securing a new home, rental deposits, utility deposits, lack of transportation, and money to buy the basic life essentials like food, clothing, gasoline (if they have cars), and more.

The Seed a Survivor Program gives donors the opportunity to directly connect with a survivor and their family through a financial seed grant of increments of $5,000.  This seed gives a survivor the amount a survivor will need to pay all of the upfront costs and up to 3 months rent in their new homes.

This seed acts as a cushion for the victim as they transition to through the Seed a Survivor program.  The Seed a Survivor program will work to give the victim the confidence to become self sufficient, with the skills to maintain their progress and success, and move toward their new independence, facing new challenges and winning with the support of the Survive2Thrive support team and our corporate partners.


The Purple Bow Tie Movement

Much of the attention related to domestic violence focuses on women as victims because women are victims more often than men.  Men are also less likely to report abuse than women. However, men also are victims, sometimes at the hands of a female partner, and at other times a parent or same-sex partner.

Because of the role men play in the domestic violence, Survive2Thrive seeks to support these men through our awareness campaign called The Purple Bow Tie Movement.  This movement seeks to unify the community through this campaign because we know, to truly end domestic violence you must find the root and pluck it out.  The root or the source of the abuse is the not the abuser.  The source of the abuse is the culmination of the experiences, environment, and mental health of the perpetrator of the abuse, be it man, woman, or child.  Survive2Thrive seeks to bring awareness to this fact in an effort to create a supportive community of support for all three of the groups we see to highlight through this important movement.

The Purple Bow Tie Movement seeks to raise awareness for:

  • Men who have been abused by their spouse or partner
  • Men who are themselves abusive and need rehabilitation
  • Men who support other men, women, and children affected by domestic violence

Unity Day Stroll

Survive2Thrive hosts an evening of advocacy and community the first Monday of October of every year in observance of Unity Day, the first official day of Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

In October 1987, DVAM was observed for the first time nationally and in 1989, Congress passed Public Law 101-112 designating October as National Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

The three themes of the month are:

  • Mourning those who have died because of domestic violence.
  • Celebrating those who have survived domestic violence.
  • Connecting those who work to end violence.

At dusk on this day, with purple lights shining, organizations and citizens from all walks of life will join together in solidarity to show support for victims and survivors of domestic violence and abuse.


Host a House Warming Party – Toiletry Bag Creation and Collection

Often a survivor of domestic violence and abuse will leave their home quickly and they are not prepared for their stay away from home.  The whole uprooting event is jarring and they often do not have the money to re purchase these items.  Survive2Thrive Foundation is seeking to create a fun way to engage friends and families together to meet this need and spread the word about the need for support for these displaced families. Survive2Thrive is asking hosts to open their homes and invite their closest friends over for a housewarming party. The host will provide 10 laundry baskets and they will ask each guest to bring one toiletry item in the quantity of 10 or equal to the number of baskets.  These bags are given directly to victims our SANCTUARY App/WebApp Program assists when they are placed in our hotel partners.


The S2T Annual Pajama Drive and Holiday Event

Survive2Thrive Foundation is hosting the 9th Annual Pajama Drive and Holiday Party for the residents of SAFE Alliance and Hope Alliance. The Pajama Drive begins on Black Friday and ends Friday, December 14, 2018.